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  1. Dunham got his first ventriloquist's dummy for Christmas.
  3. ABOUT DUNHAM’S DATA | Dunham’s Data?
  4. Taminy (The Mer Cycle Book 2).

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Jeff Dunham is a popular comedian and ventriloquist, known for his clever antics with his puppets. Biography Newsletter. When she appears in the news — there was an interview with Dunham in New York magazine last week — there is a flurry of moral fury and mock exhaustion.

Here is someone who is deeply unpopular.

Lena Dunham apologises for rape controversy

Here is fair game. Crime one: Dunham is privileged. Her family is wealthy and connected and that is how she got her start. But then so is Benedict Cumberbatch. So is Lily Collins. Perhaps those who gave Dunham her chance deserve to be slated for what they did.

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But inequality is not down to Dunham. Crime two: Dunham writes only about a small group of white people. Would matters really be improved if Dunham wrote a sitcom about another ethnic group? Crime three: Dunham says awkward things, ranging from the socially inept to the outright offensive.

Some contradict her claims to be feminist and others are pretty insensitive. These are grave charges to bring against an elected representative, the head of a hospital trust or an on-duty school teacher. But a comedy writer? The tribe known for being unable to make eye contact and saying terrible things to your grandmother when accidentally seated next to her at a wedding?

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