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The last chapter of the class discussion will be devoted to the aftermath of Nazi terrors and the contradictions of living under Cold War conditions. The class is committed to an open, informal but passionate discussion based on the reading of texts, watching movies and an excursion to sites connected with the topics of this seminar. Each meeting is focusing on the analyses of texts related to certain times, places and events.

Developments will be discussed together with comparing authors and their way of depicting things. The class comes with a day-long academic field trip to various WWII sites related to the famous Battle of the Bulge in the Ardennes, Belgium that gives students the change to experience and see some of the topics discussed in class. This course consists of 32 class hours divided over weeks. Students earn 6 ECTS credits when they obtain a passing grade. The maximum number of credits that can be obtained is 9 ECTS.

The Forgotten Female Sniper Who Killed 75 Nazis

General interest in literature and European Studies. Jeckeln's task force included among others: 3. They participated in the combat with partisans, shootings of innocent civilians, robberies, destruction of entire villages. It claimed 5, victims. May 5, the re-formation of the Waffen-SS 3. SS Freiwilligen Brigade began. Two two-battalion infantry regiments were formed the 42nd and 43rd grenadier regiments , light artillery division and other special divisions.

The junior leaders training company was formed on the spot. The brigade's regiments had numbers 42nd and 43rd. The inspection lasted for two days and during this time Himmler was pleased with the brigade and announced in the speech given at the end of his visit that the 3rd SS Volunteer Brigade will soon be sent to the Eastern Front where it will replace the 2 SS Infantry Brigade. The headquarter's company defiled to him.

The Battle of the Somme, as it happened on July 1, 1916

I was standing in the first line because I could speak German. It was interesting to see the SS leader so close, we didn't know much about him before…He stopped in front of us, smiled and said: 'I am proud of this kind of soldiers! The next day the whole brigade marched in front of Himmler. When we had lunch, Himmler spoke with us too, asked if we wanted to go to the front already, etc. The officers later told us that he was pleased with the brigade. The former 1st grenadier regiment became the 42nd and the 2nd regiment became the 43rd. The other units of the brigade were marked with the number In October the same year the 3rd SS Volunteer Brigade was sent with the railway-echelon to Army Group Nord command and was subjected to Nord's homefront security units' leader.

In October the 3. By October the front situation had become extremely dangerous for the nazi forces in Nevelsky District because of the Red Army 's successful breakthroughs and also because of the Belarusian partisans ' units in the forest behind the front. During the nazi attack the partisans were led by the Red Army officers left in the Rasony Raion forests and the leaders of the All-Union Communist Party bolsheviks. This formation of the partisans was called the Partisan Republic of Rasony. The 3rd SS Volunteer Brigade received an order to destroy this republic.

But the Russians kept living in the woods. The Germans' eastern politics brought more and more people from the surrounding counties and the more the Eastern Front moved towards West step by step, the partisans' army's military importance increased. The 'Republic' itself had received its name from the Rosson village, where the Red Army's headquarters had probably been. There were talks that the whole army's strength had increased to several thousands who were led by one Russian officer.

Two roads went to Idrica. The units had received a warning that the partisans had blown up all bridges on the eastern road. Unfortunately he didn't consult with us, his unit leaders. After a few-kilometer long hike, the company colon was facing a bridge blown up by the partisans. Any moment the colon could have been attacked by the partisans on the highway wall. There was a thick forest next to the road. We needed to make sure this road was passable.

After all, he was the deputy company leader. Mine and his messengers joined him on motorcycles. His messenger was driving in front of him and my messenger was behind him. Then we saw how the first motorcycle drove on a mine on the road and blew into pieces. My messenger, who was the last one, managed to make a u-turn and drove back. Lieutenant Telk had no wounds. We carried him to the colon. Telk gained consciousness, but was unable to speak. He was strongly shaken and probably had internal bleeding. Telk and his messenger were the first killed men in the 42nd Regiment, and probably in the whole 3rd SS Brigade… [23] ".

Cold war playboys :

Descriptions of nazi cruelty, for instance cramming women and children into burning houses, spread rapidly among the civilian population. Hardly had we managed to hide in that forest, when the second group of planes attacked and began setting the houses in the village on fire, using some kind of liquid. Old Woroszilowa Her son now lives in Miory District. But at the time he was at the front. She had a large family - seven children There was nobody but she left in the house, and she defended it to the end.

They set it on fire three times but she put the flames out with sand all three times Well, after that she just couldn't anymore. The plane dived ever so low and once again set it on fire.

"I Don't Want to Remember..."

She was all covered with burns and had no more strength left in her, so she made for the forest - we called it Staroseka. In the end, the Germans burnt down our whole village. In some houses, warm food was still on the table, but there was no one to eat it.

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The partisans knew of the attack against them and the villagers had escaped to partisan camps. In the attack in an area, which was inhabited by the partisans, the biggest threat to the SS Brigade was the land mines placed on the roads. When the partisans were afraid of armed meetings with the SS Brigade, they often mined the roads.

Sometimes this was done very quickly, using the time in between the moving of the SS colons. The operation began on November 1. The battles with the partisans lasted for five days in the forests of Rasony. The 3rd SS Volunteer Brigade invaded the partisans' main point in Albrechtowo , [34] which was a relatively large place considering the surroundings.

My husband was in the detachment. We would collect milk and cart it to the detachment. And we had just come back from the detachment. We all carried milk to the partisans. We had taken some there and come home. And I had only just started to light the stove when Shchedrov, our neighbour, comes running and says: 'The Germans are coming!

And they went around along the edge of the woods, those Germans, and the shooting started. And we came out of the woods then and headed for the double-track section. We sat down there, lay there, and the Germans immediately surrounded us. They went and drew us up. Their machine-guns there got out of order or something.

The shooting died down. So the Germans herded us away Right where the double-track section is. And they drew us up right like this, on the side, at the edge of the road. So the partisans would see us. And they themselves are standing there. And Poltorenko. He hugged and kissed one of them who had a big cockade Who's Poltorenko? He pegged out not long ago. It was him who sold us to the Germans. He was from our village, used to be the trackman here.

We lost five men, who were killed, but took twenty to prison and got ten horses, several carriages, a number of pigs and cows, few casks of vodka, mundungus, radio station, field hospital and printing house. We found thousands of copies of underground newspapers, German-Russian dictionaries and potato bags full of rubles from the printing house. During the battles a large number of partisans managed to hide in the surrounding forests, nevertheless, I had never seen so many dead bodies before.

Some naked Russians were imprisoned while they were in sauna.

Cold war playboys :

We were in great mood - everyone wanted to keep storming on after the first victory. Young men like us believed that victory is waiting for us… [23] ". And drove us into the bathhouse. And we sat in there. They started to interrogate us. Well those they interrogated they'd take out there and begin flogging them. The flogging went on in Osipov's house. My sister was there, too. They caught my sister the next day in the field and brought her in. And they rounded up all the cows took them away. They interrogated one woman interrogated another and let them go.

Well, I think, they'll let us all go. We can see out of a window in the bathhouse. And then they ran aft them and brought them back. Then they summoned Dyubenchikha. Each family separately And flogged them with a lash. They summoned Djubenczicha, they summoned Szarpenczicha they summoned Bychowcowa Each family separately. And - they don't come back. They summon them - and they don't come back.

Then I had to go with my kids. They summoned me. One boy was born in thirty-three, the other in thirty-seven. Well, and as soon as they'd summoned me there, into the house, he [Ain Mere] immediately said: 'Say where your husband is! Where were you today? I didn't go anywhere. Started to thrash me. They brought a jar of sand, this big jar of dry sand. And I ate that sand. It was dry, wouldn't go down. There was manure there and everything.

There's no way I can eat it. And all the same I ate it - I was choking, couldn't breathe. I ate it all up. He started to thrash my head like mad with the lash. Then: 'Stick out your tongue! Onto the table! Then pulled out my tongue and started to pierce it with a big needle. Everything just went numb, I didn't feel anything Then - my hair One twisted, then the other twisted my hair - how they tugged at it, how they tugged at it! They tore all the hair from my head.

Then they laid me down, one of them stepped on my head, the other on my feet and they started to flog me with lashes. They flogged and flogged me They would have flogged me to death just like my sister and Djubenczicha But they brought them something to eat. Bread spread with butter and these mess-tins. They grabbed up that food and went out into the street. And a German dragged us to the shed. He dragged us right up to it and motions to us - he covered us with sacking and rags and motions to us: don't get up.

And he himself went off and didn't come back for some time. He comes leading a horse. This great big horse. They start leading it over the people, to trample them. The kids - with that horse An officer brought it, the interpreter. A German. But people say: 'You're doing wrong What are you punishing us so for? It was already rather late.

And those polizeis They sure had their fun with us! First of all they took Lida Bychowcowa and dragged her along. And stuck her boy with a bayonet. And they threw them right into the pit - and shot them. Well, and then came Szarpenczicha. Then Djubenkina's family. And Djubenkina's daughter was there, she was called Janina, sixteen years old she was. A German came, an officer, and says: 'If you agree to be with me, you'll live, but if you don't agree, we'll kill you.

And now my older boy is going And I couldn't feel with my legs any more whether I was walking over the earth or sky. I'm burning all over, all covered with lash-marks, my hair is all torn out, my tongue swole up. They lead us to the pit. And my older boy calls out: 'Don't shoot, dear sirs! I was carrying him in my arms I don't remember anything more I found myself in the pit.

There was just a flash, this fire He shot my older son first, then me, then the younger boy Well, then they buried us - I don't remember anything, but I hear - the sand at first goes sh-sh, sh-sh, sh-sh They started to throw in sand. Ants crawled into my mouth and nose. It was awful there in the earth.

They buried us, I heard them leave - stomp-stomp, stomp-stomp That I seemed to remember. But how I got out and crawled off a ways, like from here to that little house - I remember nothing about it. I remember that when I got out I thought: 'I'll crawl over and drown myself in the stream. But then, when I'd collapsed, I'd raise my head - and couldn't go on. I didn't know, see, that I'd been shot. I don't remember anything. They say I was shot through: I was shot here in the back of the head, and the bullet corned out.

They flew in that I only got back my memory on the ninth day. The woman at whose place I stayed, Belkowa, told me that. Well, when the Germans left, the partisans came here. And I crawled off, a ways, lay down, and a pool of blood, people say, collected there I was lying in that blood. I hear someone starts to speak. From Sosni, this man who lived there. One person found this helpful. Definetely hits the ball out of the park with this one. A great snapshot of a time and era that seems so familiar yet slanted degrees.

Don't know if this was Mr.

2015 Personality Lecture 13: Existentialism: Nazi Germany and the USSR

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