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Reid Coolsaet and Eric Gillis have had a fantastic rivalry in the Canadian marathon best time rankings the last five years. After Reid finished second in the rankings in to Andrew Smith, Reid has finished 1 in and , 6 in , 1 in , and 2 in Over the same time period, Eric finished 2 in and , 4 in , 2 in and 1 in The only year that Eric and Reid did not have the fastest time, Dylan Wykes ran Lanni did not have a time in the top 20 in and finished 5 in before her win streak.

This year, she had the top 3 times for the year! Krista was 1 in , did not have a time in the top 20 in , was 2 in , was 2 in and was hampered by injury in The depth of the overall marathon times has settled under the past two years for men. The women also seem to be trending downwards.

Now there are over ! For the age groups, the past five years has featured the expected flow through of developing or aging runners. For the men, it was the Reid Coolsaet- Eric Gillis rivalry. For the men, Les Disher now has a current four year streak after taking over from Herb Phillips and Chris Morrison. Les has never been ranked lower than 3 since For the men, Milos Kostic entered the category in and finished 2 to Ed Whitlock that year.

Milos has now taken over the category and has had the top two times for both and It should be noted that Ed Whitlock is now over 80 and was still the 2 ranked runner in For the women, it was the expected dominance of Krista Duchene before Lanni Marchant turned For the women, it has been a fantastic rivalry between Lynda Desmeules and Agathe Nicholson. Lynda has won the category 4 times out of the last 5 years but Agathe was 1 in , 2 in , 4 in , and 2 in For the women, Louise Voghel has just turned the category upside down.

For the women, Jean Marmoreo has a two year streak going at the top after taking over from Gwen McFarlan. Jean is infamous from her role in the Marine Corps Marathon shortcut controversy. The regional rankings are always the biggest interest to me. For the atlantic region, Greg Wieczorek had a brief reign at the top from to but Daniel McNeil responded and has been 1 for both and In however, young gun Kate Bazeley ran in Houston for a 10 minute cushion on Denise.

For Quebec, David LePorho has moved to the top with a current two year streak. For Ontario, it is the expected storyline from the overall titles between Eric Gillis and Reid Coolsaet. However with Krista injured this year, Lioudmila Kortchaguina was able to take the region for For the prairie region, Kip Kangogo has become a citizen while living in Lethbridge and is pushing the local athletes from the top. Kip had the top 2 times in Caitlin Schindel is another runner showing promise. She was 3 for the prairies in but improved her time by over 4 minutes to take 1in For the BC and north region, Dylan Wykes seems to have taken a marathoning break and Rob Watson has enjoyed the top position for both and For the women, it has been a different winner each year but Kimberley Doerksen may start a streak as she is very young for a marathoner and had the top two times in The Marathon by the Sea was the major catalyst for a wave of road races in the Saint John area that quickly took advantage of the localized running boom.

Our committee always felt a bond with the Hampton event as they started just the year before and we usually had similar attendance. The Canada Day Half Marathon event was a creation from a very dynamic group of people. RCMP Officer Paul Looker had organized running events in Grand Bay- Westfield prior to but everyone involved hoped to create something on a larger scale for the community going forward.

The first year in was very exciting! It was the one and only year that we ran past and behind Scholtens before heading back towards Westfield. Everyone loved finishing at the rink and the parade afterwards was a nice touch. We also had a beer garden in the finish area! We had 73 in the half, 55 in the 10K, and 24 in the 5K. Everyone liked our new turnaround at the post office but the decision to not recognize the 5kers was not popular. Our numbers increased to 93 in the half marathon and 81 in the 10K. Our water stations were severely tested and the times were much slower due to the heat.

Chris Brake took his third consecutive half title in followed by Bruce Rosvall and Glenn Trites. Elita Rahn ran an incredible considering the conditions with Gina Spear-Burrows second. David Tree and Monica Vautour established new records in the 5K with times of and We had 88 in the half, in the 10K and 63 in the 5K. Dean Strowbridge became a major player in the local scene by beating age group star Michael Coyne by only 2 seconds in the 10K. Satish Punna narrowly defeated Stephen Mundle in the 5K.

There were in the half, in the 10K and 54 in the 5K. Gilles won the half in followed by Todd Price and John Herron. Maggie Johnson took her second straight third place finish. The 5K was almost as exciting however as Chris Brake decided to take the 5K record down a notch by winning in Brent McCullum finished third in which would have also broken the course record. Monica Vautour once again won the 5K but by only 1 second over Vicki Woods. Merina Farrell was only 3 seconds behind Vicki!! There were in the half, in the 10K, and 68 in the 5K. We had a great battle between age group stars in the half with Michael Coyne running and Robert Jackson At this point, we had moved from shorts to singlets and our singlets featured the artwork of local artist Elizabeth Donnelly-Nelson who now also served on our committee.

We had in the half, 95 in the 10K and 72 in the 5K. The half marathon and 10K were combined to create a 10 miler to address traffic issues and parade conflict.. Both the half marathon and the 5K would now start on the track with the finish remaining the same. The turnaround was now at the town hall which was a big improvement over having to use the post office hill. Unfortunately, the start line was moved incorrectly and both races ended up being meters long.

Alex Coffin narrowly edged Chris Brake in the 10 Miler to There were 99 in the 10 Miler and 70 in the 5K. We also paid to get all three distances certified for Run NB sanctioning. Newcomer Brenda Guitard ran a great race to defeat defending champion Suzanne Doucet to Arlene Harrigan was third. We had 98 in the 10 Miler, 49 in the 10K and 78 in the 5K. Gary was there right from the start and he promoted activity in our area like few others had or could..

Both champions broke the course record as Alex Coffin won the 10 Miler in and Elita Rahn won for the women in April Lambert was less than a minute behind. Defending champion Brenda Guitard was 3rd. Bruce Rosvall was third. Albertan runner Ed Bickley ran to win the 10K but this missed the best mark of that Michael Coyne ran in Michael Coyne finished second this year but was 60 so he established a new record of Gabriela Tymowski was second for the women and Anne Wall was third. We had 92 in the 10 Miler, 50 in the 10K and 97 in the 5K. Dean Strowbridge became a master in but still won the 10 Miler outright in over John Herron.

In third, Rob Jackson smashed the record lowering it from to Rachael Lunn set the under 20 age group course record in In the 5K, Andrew Vail was the overall champion in Michael Coyne demolished the age category taking it from to !! Sherry Dumont and Angie MacNeil were 2nd and 3rd. We had 73 in the 10 Miler, 56 in the 10K and 53 in the 5K. Matt McNeil prevailed on a hot day with a new under 20 record of Lee Roy was second and Adam Kellar was third. He finished less than a minute behind Adam!! For the women, race record holder Elita Rahn and Elizabeth Seiffert had a great battle with Elita winning in with Elizabeth finishing in Suzanne Doucet was third and defending champion Brenda Guitard was fourth.

Jessica Wilson was third and Eunice Phillips was fourth taking over the age record with a In the 5K, young star Josh Shanks erased two legends from the books as he took out Chris Brake for the course record and Matt McNeil for the under 20 record. His time was !! Todd Power was second with an and took over the record! Glenn Trites was third.

Elizabeth Donnelly-Nelson set a new age record with a !! We had 83 in the 10 Miler, 58 in the 10K, and 59 in the 5K. All early registrants received an amazing running bag but unfortunately we had to change the 10 mile course late in the game because of the RCMP being unable to cover the Milligan Brook intersection. The 10 mile course ended up being meters long which will be fixed in Somehow, Joe Burke ignored the long course and still set a 10 mile record of for taking over the record from Frank Kelly. Allyson MacDonald was second and Louise Chiasson was third for the women!!

Gail Teed was our first ever female competitor in the 10 Miler finishing with a It was Bonga time for the women as teenage phenoms Charly and Laura Bonga finished first and second. Charly set a new under 20 record of with Laura only 36 seconds behind. The old record by Erin Shaw now Dr. Shaw had stood for 10 years! In third was Eunice Phillips who barely missed improving on her record set in In the 5K, it was a STU sweep for the men.

Brandon Leblanc was second and Andrew Vail was third. The top 5 runners were all under the age of 20!! In second for the women was Corinne Fournier followed in third by Maryro Mendez. Mary Brosnan broke the record with a !! Our event has left a great legacy for our town with both participants and volunteers coming from the town or nearby West Saint John. The event has donated many dollars including funds for the new community track. We also continue to attract visitors from far away like our 10K winner from Guatemala City.

We hope that you come join us to celebrate our 13th year. It is a great way to start your Canada Day activities and the festivities continue after our race at the beautiful new Brundage Point Centre. Peter Donato, owner of MyNextRace. The first run is capped at1, runners and for the party1, revelers. The website and member communication informs athletes about races in key markets around the world. The web-site has just re-launched this fall. The only Brunch in the world with a web-site, an annual tradition for Canadians running Boston.

Chelsea Vanderkamp Merritt. Peter Donato. Leo McCosham of Charlottetown, P. I spoke to Leo after the race and he was so impressed with the day, course, the fans and volunteers, he'll definitely be back next year to do it all over again. McCosham also won last years marathon with a time of Can he do it a third time Scott Clark of Summerside, P.

Although happy with his time Donnie was hoping for something a few minutes quicker and intends to run the PEI marathon in mid-October. The top female in the half was Brenda Benson of Summerside, P. In the 10 K, Chris Milburn, A. Third place went to Ian Henman of Dartmouth in a time of In the ladies division top spot went to Julie Curwin with a smokin time of Will Allan of Sydney finished first in the 5K in a time of , followed by Justin Lalanne of Coxheath in and running sensation "Rachyl MacPhail" of Sydney River grabbed 3rd place overall and 1st in the ladies division, with an impressive time of Kudos going out to Glen Smith, a native of Sydney now living in Ottawa, Glen completed the marathon on Sunday in a time of Good to see Karen MacDonald back at running marathons, Karen ran the first Fiddlers in a time of and this year completed the classic distance in a time of And last but not least, a big salute to one of the most enthusiastic runners out there.

Ryan "The deerman"MacDonald completed the marathon with a PB of , last year he ran a solid , close to a 20 minute improvement way to go Ryan!!! A mediocre athlete, whose goal was nothing more than joining his girlfriend in qualifying for the provincial high school cross country championships, Coolsaet finished 18th in the race. The partnership has certainly paid off. And, he must ensure he is amongst the first three Canadians capable of achieving the standard. But having guys to keep me in check definitely raises the bar a little bit and gives me incentive and motivation.

With the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfrot Marathon scheduled three weeks later than in previous years Coolsaet is in the midst of a fourteen week block of training which has seen him put in kilometres a week. In July as he began the buildup for Toronto he caught a cold, experienced a flare up in a shin problem then had to have a broken tooth extracted. A course of antibiotics also wore him down. Now he says training is going well. He drives up to Guelph twice a week to run with Gillis and Watson. Last March he went through with a month of high altitude training in Kenya although he spent the first weeks running alone until he could get fit enough to join the Kenyans.

Nevertheless the experience was enough for him to plan a return trip. He does have experience in hot weather championships having represented Canada in the IAAF World Championships in Berlin where he ran a then personal best of for 25th place. All things considered he believes the decision to run in Toronto was his best option. Coolsaet is not one who is easily distracted from his goals. Minor injuries that would send other straight to the tipping point are glossed over. He cycles or swims when necessary and gets his physiotherapy between workouts.

Sometimes he has been involved in practical jokes. As a student he walked in to the University of Guelph athletics centre to discover a Hall of Fame portrait of him had been doctored to enhance the size of his ears, lips and nose then hung back on the wall. Hundreds of students writing exams in the centre enjoyed a laugh at his expense. But Coolsaet says it goes with the territory. I called her and pretended to be him.

The diamonds heals Centipeetle (Nerphite) - Steven universe

So she approached him in class the next day thinking she had talked to him. It was a really awkward conversation. At that point he got me back.

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On another occasion he passed through customs with an electronic device which gave unwitting victims a shock when they shook hands with him. When he lines up in Toronto the Olympic qualifying will be first and foremost in his mind. Achieving a personal best is also a goal. Last time I trained for a marathon I had a time goal in my head but as my training progressed it kept on changing.

I am going to try and maximise my training. Last year I went into marathon training thinking sub then on race day I wanted to run I really thought I was going to run high. Obviously I missed it. So I would like to say I can run a flat. Maybe it goes down. Maybe I feel like going for a high again. These two races will give him a better idea of his fitness level.

With an Olympic Games place on the line the stakes are just too high. Despite collapsing three miles from the finish in his debut marathon Simon Bairu is approaching the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon October 16th with tremendous optimism. The 28 year old went into the ING New York Marathon intent on racing the world class field rather than with a time in mind but found that the erratic pace was not to his liking.

An ambulance ride to hospital was the last thing expected for the Canadian distance running star, who had finished an incredible 12th in the IAAF World Cross Country Championships then smashed the national 10,m record with a time of Along with the humiliation, he spent the next three months dealing with nagging injuries which might well be traced to the marathon. Of particular concern was an inflammation of a sciatic nerve.

But those are a distant memory now. With a solid block of training behind him Bairu and his coach Jerry Schumacher come to Toronto with one objective - to make the Olympic standard of I know if I can get fired up and do all the right things in training there's no other Canadian who can stop me from making the team. Only three can run in London. They have all done some great things in the marathon. The only thing I have next to my name right now is a DNF. Bairu spent eight weeks of the summer at high altitude training camps in Flagstaff, Arizona and then St.

A year ago the most he reached was a couple of times km. The plan is to slowly reduce the mileage and increase the quality of his workouts. A final test will be September 5th when he races the New Haven 20km. Being Christians they sought refuge, first in Greece, before finally settling in Regina, Saskatchewan. A trouble maker who seemed headed down the wrong path Bairu was led to track and field by a caring teacher in his early teens. He went on to win the provincial high school cross country championships earning a scholarship to the University of Wisconsin.

He would win two NCAA cross country titles for the Badgers and a record seven - so far - Canadian cross country championships. Based in Portland, Oregon the world headquarters of his sponsor Nike Bairu has the benefits of a training group which includes Olympic bronze medalist Shalane Flanagan and former Wisconsin Badger Chris Solinsky, the US 10,m record holder.

With his track credentials and connections to Nike he could surely have chosen any number of fall marathons in which to attack the Olympic standard.

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Why then did he choose Toronto? I know he is going to do everything he can to help us out in terms of rabbits and things. And the crowds have always been great watching in Canada. I think all that put together makes for a real special day and hopefully I can do some special things. As a full time athlete Bairu can afford little distraction. Each day begins at a. Ninety minutes of strength conditioning, under the direction of former US Olympic steeplechaser Pascal Dobert, follows. A second run precedes dinner and an early night.

One thing that Bairu makes time for is an association with the Portland Big Brothers organisation spending time with an 11 year old boy named Marcus. We might eat pizza and watch a movie at my place. Sometimes we go to arcades. He is really big into video games and he helps polish up on my skills on video games. He also reads when he has a spare moment admittedly jumping from book to book.

This man has experienced unspeakable horrors in his early life and yet he stands in triumph having beaten the odds. It kind of puts life and running into perspective for me. My number one priority, not to sound cliche, is to make the team. But If I am feeling good in the race I am going to go after that record.

Bairu is likely to ask for a pacemaker capable of taking him through the half way point in 65 minutes even. Then he will keep an eye on the clock as he chases the Olympic standard. The year-old Halifax native living in Toronto made a special trip to the Port City to visit friends and family and to run the marathon. Her mother and father went with her part of the way - both ran the 5-mile race finishing th and rd, respectively. They greeted her at the finish line with hugs and praises. To take the title, she ran at a pace of less than five minutes per kilometre, of which there were Peters Bay, P.

Cara Allaway, Toronto,Ont.

B.C., runners Steve Osaduik and Lucy Smith win national half marathon titles

I, Claire Cram, Toronto, Ont. More than 9, people participated in this year's race, stayed an average of nearly three nights in a hotel, and brought 1. Organizers were pleased, but not surprised, by the figures, said Julie Armstrong, a spokeswoman for the marathon. It's a 'bucket list' item for many," she said.

It was the first such report done on the Big Sur event. Minto prepared his report from surveys of 28 percent of race participants. That is a high percentage that makes the report "extraordinarily accurate," he said. A response of 15 percent is considered comfortable, he said.

That includes the value of goods and services that support tourism-related businesses, and labor income generated by event-related spending. Local governments are the beneficiaries of sales taxes and hotel taxes generated by the marathon. Some participants flew in — 20 percent each to San Jose and San Francisco, 8 percent to Monterey — and 49 percent drove.

Jenna Palacio, spokeswoman for the Monterey County Convention and Visitors Bureau, said events such as the marathon "bring a passionate group" and help promote the county. Armstrong said there was consideration of not having the report done this year, because the marathon route had to be changed because of a slide on Highway 1, but the decision was made to go ahead.

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Both are about half what the full marathon brings in. Lane Wallace can be reached at or mhbusiness montereyherald. A new champion took the Manitoba Marathon crown Sunday morning, finishing almost nine minutes ahead of his closest competitor as last year's winner fell back to 4th place. I wanted to run in front so that if someone caught up it would be ok, so I really pushed myself the whole race.

Samoei finished with a time of Last year's winner, Mike Booth, finished in 4th place with a time of Just keeping the pace and then trying to pick it up the last mile, if that's possible. I'm pretty excited and I couldn't have done it without my team. The Manitoba Marathon is a fundraiser for people with disabilities. As a result, hundreds of Manitobans have been moved from institutionalized care and welcomed back into their communities.

The Scotsburn resident won for the eighth time, breaking the tape at The win ties him with Bob Russell for the all-time lead. The weather on Sunday was ideal for distance running. Mainly overcast skies gave way to the occasional patch of sun with a light breeze. Rain started to fall just as the marathoners started crossing the finish line.

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MacLennan said that although he hoped to be a little faster, he was thrilled with the win and tying the record. He admitted his legs were heavy the whole way but his main focus was on being first to the line. Being able to race at home and do well is important to MacLennan, he said. The Charlottetown resident, running in just her second marathon and her first Johnny Miles, came away with the win, crossing the line in Brown made the trip to New Glasgow last year to run in the half marathon before taking on her first marathon last October. She said the quality of the event makes the trip well worth it.

Alexandra Maher of St. As for whether or not MacLennan will take a stab at win No. And while the five-time winner finished as the runner-up once again to Brendan Lunty of Camrose, Alta. Lunty lingered after crossing the finish line along Pinehouse Drive, waiting for Michasiw to cross. The two runners embraced and congratulated each other after running nearly the entire 42 km race side by side and ahead of the pack. The day also featured a 10 km race, and a two km Marafun event featuring elementary school students. The sky threatened rain and the slight wind made things a bit nippy for the organizers and spectators, but gave the participants a perfect running day.

But today was just unbelievable. As Jamesy Patrick crossed the finish line at the Saskatchewan Marathon Sunday morning, she followed the ritual of pretty much every other runner. She accepted her medal from a volunteer. She took the cup of water and plastic shawl offered. She caught her breath and high-fived whomever was in close proximity. The people on the course are amazing and it makes a huge difference.

A University of Saskatchewan law student, she joined other runners in praising the cool and cloudy conditions as helpful for endurance. Celeste Crosschild placed second in , while Kristy Husulak, in , rounded out the all-Saskatoon podium with a third-place finish. All three of the women had significant improvements over their times from last year: Crosschild shaved nearly six minutes off her second-place time from , while Husulak improved by 39 minutes after an eighth-place finish last time. For Patrick, running is something she took up early in her undergraduate career, and she has come a long way since then.

But I just got hooked. That fun includes running about 10 to 15 km per day, as well as a biweekly excursion of 20 to 30 km. While the average person might balk at such impressive dedication, it paid off for Patrick as she accepted a gold medal in her hometown race. If Laban Moiben of Kenya and Kebebush Haile Lema of Ethiopia had a chance to sit down over a cup of coffee after the wet and warm 37th Ottawa Marathon, they would have discovered they had a lot in common when it comes to Canada's most successful race over They could open the conversation by talking about their past Ottawa Race Weekend experiences, where neither of them had reached the top step of the medal podium, but had come extremely close in their previous two attempts over the past four years.

In , Lema was second in two hours 35 minutes 41 seconds and third in in 2: 48, while Moiben also was a runner-up in in 2: 43 and fourth in in 2: Moiben, who ran strongly in a dwindling pack for most of the race before asserting himself over the final metres, took the men's title in 2: If they talked about their races, they would have learned the humidity affected both of their performances, slowed their times and seriously prevented them from challenging the race records. I tried my best," said Laban, who felt cooler temperatures and no rain would have allowed him to beat Arata Fujiwara's race record of 2: But my goal was to run 2: 08 to 2: It was the humidity I didn't like.

When Lema, 25, stood at the start line, she wasn't confident she would have a memorable race, even though she was the top-ranked runner in the field based on a oneyear-old personal best time of 2: It was difficult. It was very difficult to breathe. The pacesetters six for men, two for women did a great job," he said. As their conversation moved along, Lema and Moiben would discover that they both were coming off injuries that interrupted their training schedules. Lema had to deal with a hip issue, while Moiben pulled a muscle in his right leg two weeks ago.

Moiben wasn't per cent healthy for his run on the new marathon course, which snaked through Chinatown, Little Italy, Westboro, Gatineau and downtown Ottawa, and attracted a record entry of 5, runners. While Moiben was happy overall with the final result, runner-up Dereje Abera Ali of Ethiopia would have been happier if he hadn't miscalculated the location of the finish line. He was running with Moiben and countryman Dino Sefir Kemal, when he pulled up with metres remaining, thinking he had reached the finish. See the Top 10 list of finishers for both the men's and women's marathon and half-marathon on the scoreboard page, B4.

Ali eventually crossed the finish line in 2: Kemal, competing in his marathon debut, was third in 2: Ethiopia's Biruktawit Eshetu Degefa was second in the women's marathon in 2: Radiya Adilo Roba completed the Ethiopian medal sweep with a third-place finish in 2: A little further back in each of the men's and women's fields were Canadian champions Lucas McAneney of Toronto and Calgary-born Emily Kroshus, who lives in Boston while pursuing her doctoral studies in public health at Harvard University.

He finished 11th overall. My goal was to win the championship. I did what I had to do. Kroshus, who was thrilled to see her husband Matt Hawrilenko finish his first marathon in 4: I backed off," said Kroshus, who was hoping to run about 2: I kept telling myself not to give up. Quebec City runners dominated the half-marathons, winning both the men's and women's titles and taking four of the six medals.

Stanislas Papadimitiou won the men's race in 1: In the women's race, Melissa Chenard of Quebec placed first in 1: The only major health incident in Sunday's races involved a man who suffered a heart attack Sunday morning near the starting line for the half-marathon, said race director John Halvorsen. Marlene Orton, a spokeswoman for the University of Ottawa Heart Institute, declined to provide any details on the man's status, citing patient confidentiality.

The Halifax resident originally from Ontario won his second straight Blue Nose title, smashing the course record by more than seven minutes in Clark, now with three second-place finishes and three thirds in the last six years, and two runners along side him took a wrong turn at the kilometre mark and ran at least four additional kilometres. Under grey skies with a cool breeze and occasional mist, Wieczorek ran even splits of , saving fuel early for the second half and the hills of Dartmouth.

The year-old chartered accountant for the Homburg Group said running conditions were ideal. All in all the marathon gods were smiling down upon us today. All Blue Nose events on the weekend combined attracted more than 10, registered runners, up from 9, last year. Wieczorek nearly matched his career-best of from a marathon in Washington, D. He was second overall in that event and top Canadian. Last October in New York, he ran a and was also top Canadian. Wieczorek and MacLennan, a four-time Blue Nose winner, are the only back-to-back champions.

MacLennan opted out of the full marathon this year and placed second in the half-marathon. Clark decided to complete the race despite his disappointment at the events on the course. He was nearly six minutes behind Wieczorek at the half. He stopped short of blaming organizers for the miscue, but said there was ample confusion on the course, which has plagued the Blue Nose in the past, with so many runners in various events on the roads.

So it was hard to keep my heart in it after that. It happens. I tried to make a positive out of it. Good for Greg. Stephens Bloodlines Conversion, 2 by S. Stephens Conversion Conversion 1 by S. Stephens Reckless Thoughtless, 3 by S. Ashling ePistols at Dawn by Z. Aguirre The Rogue's Princess. Martin The Rebel Hqn by J. Wilder Such Fleeting Pleasures by P. Burton The Casual Vacancy by J. Rowling Amber Magic Haven, 1 by B. Tracey L. Mann Endurance: A HeroesandHeartbreakers. Melling Betrayal in Death by J. Snyder Crimson Moon by J.

Armentrout Survivor In Death by J. Rain Overkill Demonica, 5. Rain Black Halo Grace, 3 by S. Naeole Grace of Day Grace, 4 by S. Naeole Bird Song Grace, 2 by S. Boyfriends, plural. Varenko Strange Candy by Laurell K. Kindle Edition , pages. More Details Reapers in Heels 5. Other Editions 2.

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