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Olive, Peter, Sarah, and Lizzie are getting ready for Halloween. She's also one of the few people not to try the cookies and cakes made by a mysterious new baker. Soon, the people who ate the baker's treats start acting oddly, and Ella wonders if the cookies are to blame. Can her baking skills help save her best friend—and herself?

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Devon and Todd ducked and the glasses shattered against a door behind them. And the threat has a connection to Todd that's deeper She began to shake and moved closer to Jackson.

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Jackson nodded. When Jinx glanced at him, his face had turned bright white. As if he'd seen a ghost. When a popular girl named Emily asks Jinx and Jackson to explore a haunting in her dad's apartment, Jackson insists they take the case.

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And the truth they find is even Do not ask questions. Do not tell anyone what you're doing. Do not fail. The consequences: UnknownAna has three choices: One, stay with her abusive foster parents and watch her little sister, Izzy, get hurt.

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Two, expose their abuse and risk being separated from Izzy. Or three, join the Contest, win the Jackson and Jinx looked at each other.


Jinx's mouth hung wide open. Everything about the poster ripped off the Paranormalists.

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The legendary short subject pitting a hapless putz and his groovy girlfriend against the iconic actor celebrity impersonation at his infamous Ecstatic Dance academy. This short was called, "Hil In the firs Lining Material:Cotton Fabric.

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Upper Material:Genuine Leather. Outsole Material:Rubber. Insole Material:Rubber.

Stolen Luck (Dario Quincy Academy of Dance, #2)

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